Welcome to our world

Olga Andrievskaya FCCA

Olga, the director, originally comes from Belarus. In spite of her
typical love of cabbage, vodka and potatoes, she left Belarus as a teenager to
pursue her career in accountancy. It’s been an aspiration from day 1!
Olga is a qualified accountant with the bonus of being fluent in Russian and English!
After working for some great business owners in the past, Olga realised that she
wanted to deliver her passion for the power of professional accountancy combined
with cutting-edge technology to owner-managed businesses.

Olga fully empathises with the owners of businesses - amongst many other
challenges, dealing with specialist areas like the accounts with little help when you
need it can be a scary place. Olga likes to think of herself and DigiTally as a rock

to their clients, who can rely on help in various areas in their businesses. After all, we
know that the numbers are the key! 

Max Makogon BA Hons, AAT

Max is an accountancy professional with a few years of experience in accountancy practice. He studied AAT and he is currently in the final stages of his Chartered Certified Accountancy training with ACCA.

Max likes to establish a personal connection with clients: human aspect is at times as important as the business. He is quick to come back to clients with the answers to any important queries.

He used to be a keen tennis player until the addition of his second child, son Liam, but he is hoping to return to the game soon! He loves DIY – don’t get him started on this subject!

Erika Vessey MAAT

Erika is a qualified AAT accountant with several years of experience in practice. She has a proven track record of developing great relationships with her clients and also a knack for delving into the crucial details on accounts. In her spare time, she occasionally dabbles in the arts (usually painting) and always looks forward to catching up with friends over a good glass of wine.

Gulzat Esenova

Gulzat is a part-qualified accountant studying towards her ACCA qualification.
She is our brain behind untangling shambled and messy bookkeeping records, preparing year-end accounts and tax returns! Gulzat has two lovely children and a husband who is also an accountant (we bet
they have lots of fun evenings talking about debits and credits- great days!)

Charlie Williams


Charlie is an AAT student, looking to study ACCA as soon as possible. He was inspired to become an accountant by his uncle, who is also an accountant (and a very wealthy one, which may have something to do with it!)

In Charlie’s spare time, he listens to a lot of music, in particular music of the 70s and 80s, brought onto him by his parents. Charlie’s love for this type of music has led to him running a successful side-business in selling vinyl records. His hobbies include reading, watching Marvel movies and, of course, exercising! Charlie likes to push himself both physically and mentally in everything he does and we love this young energiser for that!

Nikki Pitman

Nikki Pitman is the admin lady to go to. Nikki’s organisation skills and keen eye for detail, ensures the smooth running of an admin process.  In her spare time, when she has some, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends drinking lovely wine and eating lovely food.   She also has a few hobbies, one is her horse that she has had for 27 years and the other is scuba diving, where she is qualified to Rescue diver. This is a funny hobby as she is scared of fish and water.

Alex Mason

Little Alex is our youngest team member and the machinery behind the video
campaigns. Alex’s love of social media reflects on the modern yet neatly kept work she produces – she is a great multi-app-tasking teen who seems to be friends with the whole world! Teenagers eh? She works efficiently with Olga, and together they contribute to the visual media at Digitally Accountants!