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Potential extra tax saving if you are married or in civil partnership

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

We would like you to read this article especially if you are on maternity leave and you would like to get up to £230 a year extra from HMRC within 10 minutes...

We don’t particularly want to run a “let’s get married” campaign. All we want to do is to make you aware that the official marriage or civil partnership can save you a bit of money.

So let’s imagine that you are in officially sealed and stamped relationship… and you earn nothing or less than £11,5k during the 17-18 tax year (this may be the case when you are receiving statutory maternity pay), and your beloved earns between £11,5k and £45k… or vice versa of course.

You can transfer some personal allowance over to your other half by simply completing a short 10-minute online form with HMRC and you will gain £230 a year as a family by reducing your other half’s tax bill.

Sometimes the claims can even be backdated for a couple of years.

This will be an ongoing automatic arrangement with HMRC until your circumstances change for better or for worse…

Here is a link to how to claim:

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