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The return of the Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme (SSPRS)

What is the aim?

· To support employers facing heightened levels of sickness absence due to Covid-19.

What does the SSPRS do?

· It will refund small and medium sized employers Covid 19 related statutory sick pay (SSP) costs up to 2 weeks per employee.

What is the eligibility criteria?

· Aimed at UK based employers.

· They employed fewer than 250 employees as of 30th November 2021.

· They had a PAYE payroll system as of 30th November 2021.

· At the time of the claim, they have already paid their employees Covid -19 related SSP.

· Employers can claim for Covid 19 sickness absences occurring from 21st December 2021 onwards.

· The 2 week limit is to be reset, so an employer will be able to claim up to 2 weeks per employee, even if they claimed for that employee under the previous SSPRS.

How do you claim?

· Employers will be able to make the claim, through HMRC, from mid-January onwards using the website below:

Claim back Statutory Sick Pay paid to your employees due to coronavirus (COVID-19) - GOV.UK (

What records need to be kept?

· The date the employee was off sick.

· Which of those days were qualifying ones.

· The Covid-19 reason for being off sick.

· The employees’ national insurance number.

· The records must be kept for at least 3 years from the date the employer receives the repayment.

Please Note

· The Government state more guidance is to follow.

If you wish to discuss SSPRS or any other issues please do contact us.

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